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   The Director of ATULBIOTECH Agriculture have over 10 years of combined experience in all facets of Indian agriculture. We have the necessary personnel, expertise and equipment to provide our clients with a complete range of services necessary to maximise their rural investment.

Our team has always been at the forefront of new developments in agriculture and

Atulbiotech Agriculture
is considered one of the leading rural development companies in India.

The main objective in agriculture is to develop the property and run it to its full potential to maximise the return on investment.

Our Director have experience covering all aspects of the agricultural business, including but not limited to -

  • Overall property management
  • Supervision and organisation of the labour force
  • Preparation of budgets
  • Design and development of capital improvements
  • Marketing
  • Transportation/logistics

Atulbiotech Agriculture have every reason to be very satisfied with the results that have been achieved. Our strategic advice, coupled with prudent risk management, has helped them to perform to their revenue budget and beyond.

Success in investment is measured in terms of achieving objectives, and on that score Atulbiotech and its clients have been highly successful. Much of that success stems from the experience of our team and the quality of our management of your investment.

Corporate Farm Owner atul rice
Corporate Farm Owner
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